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KUALA LUMPUR: Pelaburan Hartanah Bhd (PHB), a subsidiary of Yayasan Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera, today launched a RM1 billion investment fund to help Bumiputera entrepreneurs own properties.

The "Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera" launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri NajibTun Razak is open to Bumiputera entrepreneurs with an initial investment of only RM500.

"Under the Syariah-compliant investment scheme, Bumiputeras will indirectly have an opportunity to own equities in major properties. The unit trust will be sold at RM1 a unit," said PHB managing director and chief executive officer Kamalul Arifin Othman at the launch of the scheme.

He said PHB was collaborating with Maybank to facilitate smooth transaction of the scheme.

"Bumiputera entrepreneurs who are keen to participate in the scheme can go to the 400-odd Maybank branches nationwide to buy the AHB units," he said.

On AHB returns, Kamalul Arifin assured investors that the returns would not be less than six per cent per annum based on the property sector's performance at the Golden Triange area.

He said the PHB would continue to identify business opportunities through acquisition of premier assets and developing properties particularly in thecommercial property development sector.

"We are also looking to grow the fund size by another RM500 million by next year," he added.

Established in May 2006, PHB is an investment holding company, which currently owns properties worth in excess of RM1 billion in and around the Klang Valley.

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Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB)

A fund that seeks to provide Unit Holders with a regular and consistent income stream whilst preserving the Unit Holders’ investment capital

Fund type / Category:

Min initial investment:
500 units

What is Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera?

  • A Shariah Compliant Unit Trust
  • An opportunity to benefit from rental income of prime commercial properties.

Investment Objective

The Fund seeks to provide Unit Holders with a regular and consistent income stream whilst preserving the Unit Holders' investment capital

Investment Strategy

The Fund will seek to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in the beneficial ownership of real estate in Malaysia from the Sponsor in particular commercial properties including but not limited to office buildings, shopping complexes, commercial centres, logistics and industrial complexes. The Fund will also invest in Shariah-compliant money market instruments and equivalent instruments and hold cash to meet its liquidity requirements

Fund Manager

Mayban Investment Management Sdn. Bhd.

Potential Investors

  • Investors who seek capital preservation
  • Investors with low risk tolerance
  • Investors who wish to benefit from prime commercial property, via rental income.


  • Malaysian Bumiputera:
    • Akaun Dewasa (18 years and above)
    • Akaun Remaja (18 years and above as legal guardian for minors age three (3) months and above but below 18 years. Both legal guardian and minor must be Malaysian Bumiputera)
  • Bumiputera institution¹
    ¹Any Bumiputera institution's investment in the Fund is only by invitation from the Manager and the Sponsor

Minimum Initial Investment

500 Units

Maximum Investment

Limited to 200,000 Units per Unit Holder

Minimum Additional Investment

100 Units

Minimum Balance of Units

500 Units

Minimum Redemption

500 Units

Frequency of withdrawal

Once in a calendar month


The above details applicable to Individual Unit Holders only

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source HERE

AHB Financing-i
The new Islamic financing facility for the purchase of Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera unit trust fund

AHB Financing-i provides financing for the purchase of Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera (AHB) unit trusts based on the Shariah principles of Bai' ‘Inah (sale with immediate repurchase).

* Individuals age 18 years up to 59 years old
* Malaysian Residents
* Bumiputera

Financing Amount

* Min financing amount : RM10,000
* Max financing amount : RM200,000

Margin of Financing

Up to 105%

* 100% of nominal value of unit trust
* 5% on GRTT (premium capitalization)

Financing Tenure

* Payment period of up to 25 years or up to the age of 60

Profit Rate

Effective Rate:

* BFR - 1.65% (throughout financing tenure)

Selling Price Rate/Ceiling Rate fixed at

* BLR + 4.0% or 10%, whichever is higher

Payment Frequency

* Monthly

Payment Option

* Single installment only

Mode of Installment Payment

* Standing Instruction (SI)

AHB Income Distribution

* Income distribution (if any) will be made on a semi annual basis.
* AHB financial year ends September 30

Documents Required

• Application form
• Certified True Copy of Identity Card (both sides)
• Photocopy of latest 3 months' pay slip (only for financing above RM50,000)

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This is a repost of an article from June which was written in the wake of the meeting of the Trilateral Commission in Dublin’s Four Seasons Hotel, an important event expertly ignored by our main stream media.

In light of last weeks peaceful student protests in Dublin and the disgraceful use of force by the Gardai we are reposting this article, as we feel it contains important information on what is actually occurring in our country and the world at this time. RTE viewers may remember the ‘storming’ of the Dail last May, an event which made it straight onto the six o’ clock news that evening. Violence by the public makes the news headlines. Violence by the Gardai doesn’t. Why not? This has been going on in Rossport for a long time and RTE and the other news media are not very interested in it. Why is that?

Here is the report RTE finally aired, and a video of the follow up protest to Pearce Street Garda station, not aired by RTE.

Now tens of thousands of students and members of the public have seen what happens in a ‘free’ country when peaceful people exercise their rights. And also, very importantly, the true nature of those who supply us with the information we use to form our world view. If the information we are supplied with to form our world view was accurate then things would make sense, and our country would not be in this incredible situation. Our media lie, and there is a reason for that.

Ireland is in economic tail spin and be advised everyone, we’re going down. The ‘experts’ in our ‘news’ media can say whatever they like, or rather whatever they are being told to say, we are crashing, and its not an accident. Green shoots? Free cheese? Who writes this stuff, I mean, seriously?

Last weeks events in Dublin have delivered a rude and painful awakening to 30,000 plus angry students and growing numbers ordinary people as the events finally get reported in our so-called ‘news’ media. One glaringly obvious fact sinking in is that our ‘news’ media are not impartial, not unbiased, and not truthful. They are propaganda, very clever, very effective, very selective. Please turn off the tv news, stop buying the newspapers. Its propaganda, an uncomfortable, dangerous fact, explained in this article.

As a brief summary, in light of additional information and events since this article was published, please consider the following:

This economic crash is not an accident, its been long planned. This is well documented and very evident. There is an agenda behind this which is extremely unpleasant. The reason this agenda has progressed is massively due to the stream of nonsense and lies we are being fed by our mainstream media. This is because these media outlets are either owned or controlled by those behind the agenda, also well documented. The information we base our world view on is coming from a small number of vested interests and it is almost entirely false and misleading. If the news we are fed was impartial then last weeks events should have been headlines, but they weren’t.

The root of this whole economic problem is the private ownership of the central banks and the staggering fraud which has been perpetrated on the whole world via the fractional reserve central banking system. There are solutions to this problem, peaceful solutions. The best solution to appear thus far is explained in exact detail in the recently released book ‘Blank of Ireland, this way out’.

Please read this book and pass it to everyone you know, the solution is contained within. This book explains in 84 pages exactly how to solve the debt problem. If you are in debt, loans, mortgage, you need to read this book.

Here is a video of the author interviewed about the book.

The debt is the problem. This book explains exactly how to redeem debts lawfully, how to wipe your debt, gone. Period. If you have a debt, mortgage, loan, student loan, this book explains how to settle it within the law, peacefully, simply by writing letters, by a man who has done it. This thread includes the letter from the bank verifying that his mortgage is settled and offering him further bank services.

All bank debts are fraudulent contracts. If the contract is fraudulent then it is invalid. We are within our lawful rights to ask for proof that our debts are valid, and if they are not then we are within our rights to not pay them. The banks do not suffer losses on loans, they are paid in full the minute we sign the loan application, believe it or believe it not, its true. Another must read, this book explains how the banks are paid in full when we sign the loan forms: How I Clobbered Every Bureaucratic Cash-Confiscatory Agency Know To Man, by Mary Elizebeth Croft.

And if a bank fails? So what? Is that not the nature of business? If your business is not run properly it fails, bye bye. Hard luck. Some other better run business will replace you, welcome to the free market. The world will not end if the banks fail. The banks don’t pay the sun to rise each morning yet.

We are free men and women. The banks don’t own us, neither do the politicians. And neither of them own our country, its OUR country, and we will NOT sit any longer and have it sold from under our feet and the feet of our children and the generations to come while we are mesmerised by the tepid ‘journalism’ and lies being fed to us every day by our trecherous media.

Bravo to the students who stood their ground on Wednesday and returned to voice their outrage at the actions of the Gardai outside Pearse Street station. And shame, eternal shame, on the members of the Gardai who blindly and ignorantly follow orders to beat peaceful students, from a group of people who the entire country, including YOUR former spokesperson Michael O Boyce, knows are simply a group of criminals. SHAME ON YOU. Redeem yourselves in the eyes of you country men and your families by arresting the criminals who have hijacked our government, sold our country and ours’ and our childrens’ futures. The entire country will applaud and protect you, go for it.

This article can be found at Ireland's problems can be solved, but only by exposing the real root.

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Leading economists and financial experts say that our economy cannot recover until the too big to fails are broken up. See this and this. The giant banks have been sucking money out of the real economy and making us all poorer. But the government is refusing to even rein in the mega-banks, let alone break them up.

One of the too big to fails - JP Morgan - manipulates the silver market. See this, this, this, this and this.

According to the National Inflation Association, JP Morgan is “short 30,000 silver contracts representing 150 million ounces of silver. This is one of the largest concentrated short positions in the history of all commodities, representing 31% of all open COMEX silver contracts.” This could leave JP Morgan exposed if people go out and buy physical silver in large numbers.

Mike Krieger and Max Keiser have an idea for attacking the weak underbelly of the seemingly invincible too big to fail banks and market manipulators ... all at the same time.

Specifically, they say that if everyone buys just 1 ounce of silver, it will force JP Morgan - a giant manipulator of the silver market - to cover its short positions, and drive it out of business.

Silver is way down today, so it is a perfect time to buy.

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By Terry Coxon, Senior Editor, Casey Research

By now you have plenty of reason to congratulate yourself for having boarded the gold bandwagon. The early tickets are the cheap ones, and you’ve already had quite a ride. The best of the ride, I believe, is yet to come, and it should be very good indeed. It should be so much fun that your wallet may start to feel a bit giddy – which can be dangerous. So it would be wise to consider, now, how things will be and how they will feel when the current bull market in gold reaches its “end of days.” Because it will end.

Buying at the right time is the key to building profits. Selling at the right time is the key to collecting them.

The 1980 Peak

In 1980, gold briefly touched the then record price of $850 per ounce. In terms of purchasing power, that would be $2,400 in today’s dollars. And for the value of the world’s entire gold stockpile to attain the same share of the world’s total wealth that it represented at the 1980 peak, the price would need to reach $5,800 per ounce.

But so what? Before you can look to those numbers for guidance about what the peak in gold’s bull market will look like, you need to consider how the process that drove the earlier bull market compares with what is happening today.

The earlier bull market was driven by price inflation in the world’s reserve currency, the dollar, that reached an annual rate of 14%. The more expensive it became to use dollars as a store of value (i.e., the more rapidly the dollar’s purchasing power was declining), the more attractive gold became as an alternative way to store value.

The dollar is still the world’s reserve currency. (And not just for central banks. Among individuals and private businesses that want to diversify out of their home currency, the dollar is still Number One.) And the force driving the bull market in gold is once again price inflation. But this time it isn’t actual price inflation that is on the mind of gold buyers around the world. It is the potential for price inflation that is building up. That build-up is coming from:

  • Rapid expansion in the U.S. monetary base through the Federal Reserve’s asset purchases. Most of that expansion has yet to be reflected in a growth in the U.S. money supply. It is still sitting, like a charge in a capacitor, waiting for something to set it off. There was no similar liquidity bomb stored in the U.S. economy's closet during the years leading up to 1980.
  • Unprecedented growth in federal government debt, which adds to the political attractiveness of price inflation. There were federal deficits during the 1970s, but nothing like today's – just enough to give the party out of power at any time something to talk about.
  • The accumulation of U.S. Treasury debt and privately issued dollar debt in the hands of foreign investors. U.S. debt to foreigners wasn't a factor in the years leading up to gold's 1980 peak. This time around, it could be a powerful force for accelerating inflation. Even moderate inflation could spook foreign investors. Their sales of Treasuries and other dollar-denominated IOUs would push down the foreign exchange value of the dollar, which would raise the cost of imports coming into the U.S., which would further stimulate price inflation. A nasty feedback.

    And foreign holdings of U.S. debt operate as a second vector feeding the political attractiveness of dollar price inflation. Depreciation of the dollar can be framed as a clever way to shortchange foreign creditors. "It hurts THEM, not US" would be the slogan.

All those factors are working to make price inflation distinctly more severe than it was in the 1970s, which argues for a higher peak price for gold. When the metal does surpass its 1980 peak in purchasing power, the event is likely to be widely reported in the press. I suggest that you not attach any significance to the event. It won't be time to sell.

Sell Signals

But the time to sell will come. Here are the signs I'll be looking for.

Gold and gold-related financial products will be commonplace.

Even today, most financial institutions still hold the "barbarous relic" attitude toward gold. Yes, you can get GLD through any stockbroker, but with a few exceptions, the brokerage firm's heart isn't in it. They offer GLD for the same reason even the best seafood restaurants have a steak on the menu – they know someone will ask for one, even though that's not what they are in business to serve.

Before the bull market is over, that attitude will change. Mainline brokerage firms won't just have gold-related products available, they will advertise them. They will boast about them. They'll claim to specialize in them. And it won't be just the brokers. Your local bank will offer gold-related CDs. Your insurance company may be offering life insurance denominated in ounces.

Gold going mainstream won't mean that the bull market is over, but it will be a sign that it's getting long in the tooth. An early warning signal.

You'll be hearing gold chatter wherever people talk about investing.

The inhabitants of Financial News TV Land will be talking about gold approvingly, and each of them will be trying to suggest he was early in recognizing the gold bull market. You won't be able to get through a golf game or a cocktail party without someone talking about gold. Even your brother-in-law will want to explain it to you.

The gold standard will become respectable.

Today advocates of the gold standard are seen as standing to the good side of whacko, but not by a big margin. But as gold attracts more converts in the investment world, the politicians will want to associate themselves with it by proposing some brand or other of gold convertibility for the dollar. Respectability for the gold standard will be a sign that a majority of the people who are going to buy gold already have.

Other things will look cheap to you.

When gold nears its peak, even if you suspect that that's what's happening, you won't feel certain about it. But when you start seeing investments – probably conventional stocks – that look like strong bargains, treat those sightings as a sign it's time to start selling gold. You know the reasons that led you to buy gold. If you are tempted to sell part of your holdings to buy something whose low price seems to give it better prospects, then you probably will be selling at the right time. You could be selling to the last new buyer.

source HERE

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