In a long-term assessment of employment data released last week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics surveyed the country's jobs landscape and developed a picture of how it's likely to evolve over the next ten years.

As the population ages and manufacturing jobs wane, much of the next decade's employment growth is expected to be in service industries -- such as health care services or business services -- which are projected to make up a whopping 96% of the increase in new employment.

But if some industries flourish in the new economy, others are likely to deteriorate -- and slash jobs. And in the report, the government pointed to ten struggling industries that it says are likely to hemorrhage the most jobs in the next decade.

Did your industry make the list? Check them out below:

#10 Wired telecommunications carriers, -73,000

The Bureau of Labor Statistic predicts that the wired telecommunications industry, which provided 666,000 jobs in 2008, will lose 11% of its employment opportunities by the end of the next decade.

#9 Gasoline stations, -75,000

By 2018, the number of gas station industry jobs, which in 2008 stood at 843,000, is likely to be cut by 9%, according to the government report.

#8 Support activities for mining, -76,000

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that around 23% of the jobs in the mining support industry -- which as of 2008 sustained around 328,000 jobs -- will be lost by 2018.

#7 Newspaper publishers, -81,000

Think the worst is over for print media? The government estimates that within the decade that number will dwindle by nearly 25%, to 245,000.

#6 Cut and sew apparel manufacturing, -89,000

Despite widespread outsourcing to overseas manufacturers, in 2008 there were only 155,000 jobs in cut and sew apparel manufacturing in the United States -- the industry with the fewest jobs on this list. The Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates that the industry will lose 89,000 jobs -- 57% -- by 2018.

#5 Printing and related support activities, -95,000

Whither Kinko's? The printing industry provided 594,000 jobs in 2008, of which the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates it will lose about 16%, bringing the number down to just under 500,000.

#4 Postal service, -98,000

The postal service employed 748,000 people in 2008, but the government anticipates the number will fall 13% over the next decade to 650,000.

#3 Auto parts manufacturing, -101,000

The auto parts industry contributed about 544,000 jobs to the U.S. economy in 2008. Despite massive bailouts of the Detroit automakers last year, the government predicts the industry that serves those companies will lose almost 19% of its jobs.

#2 Semiconductor and other electronic component manufacturing, -146,000

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the semiconductor manufacturing industry will lose almost 34% of its jobs by 2018. That would bring the industry's total jobs down to 287,000 from the 432,000 jobs the industry supported in 2008.

#1 Department stores, -159,000

In 2008, there were 1,557,000 jobs in department stores -- more than any other industry on this list. But the government forecasts the industry will lose 159,000 of them -- more than 10% -- over the next ten years.

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