it may crush the existing structure of Fannie and Freddy and drag the economy further down, no matter how many dollars the fed throws at it

here are the events:

each individual event will have no visible effect, but combined will crash the economy:

these are all pending events, many listed on MW as individual events, but no one looks at them all together - but that is how we will feel them in our wallets

- the next wave of ARMs will start to reset,
- mortgage rates will go up,
- the next wave of foreclosures will hit,
- the default on holiday expenditures will cause more chapter 7 and 13 filings,
- retailers will know how little they made, and many will go chapter 11, or just close

- the fed will start seeing how little revenue they got from business because of COBRA extensions and funding, and push for new taxes
- states will start locking in on the lower incomes from wage taxes, and looking to raise taxes,

- employer hiring will slow even more, as the employer tax mandates for health care kick in
- employers will see the new unemployment tax rates which will come due, and lay off or not hire to be able to meet those expenses
- seasonal job losses will be posted as the holiday labor surge ends
- this also be when the numbers are issued for the “new” unemployment extension enrollment and it will “true” the unemployed picture,

health reform effect:
- consumers will see the effect of the new FICA rates and cut spending even more
- the 40% luxury tax on those fine health plans will kick in, and families will see a 20 - 30 % drop in disposable income
- the insurance companies will pass on the taxes they have under the new health bill, and that will cut another 5 - 10% off of each person’s disposable income
- the manufacturers of medical products (tampons, bandages, medical wipes, chairs etc) will pass on the tax they were given, further affecting disposable income
- the Fed will have published the health bill details - and states will see how much they will have to pay, forcing tax increases
- insurance company rates will climb as a result of the new health plan taxes, effective immediately

- FDIC will collect next 3 years worth of fees to cover the depleted funds from the bank failures
- banks will tighten lending even more, as they scramble to meet the FDIC “tax”,
- 10% of banks will become financially unstable because of the depleted reserves and will be taken over by the newly funded FDIC

and so the next economic collapse happens -just in time for the elections

those that remember history will see that this perfect storm will make the impact of the “luxury” tax and it’s effect on RV’s, Boats and similar look like nothing

source HERE

Posted by Mr Thx Monday, January 4, 2010


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