Date: Thursday 5th Zil-Qa’da 1431 AH / 14/10/2010 NO: PR10061

Oppressive taxes like VAT and GST are Haraam in Islam.

O Traders! Reject them and throw them at the faces of these agent rulers!!

Government has announced to implement VAT (Value Added Tax) with the new name of reformed GST (General Sales Tax) under American diktats. This is a conspiracy to destroy the industrialists, traders and the common masses. The shameless and honourless rulers are planning to impose tax on 122 new major categories thus looting the masses by 150 billion rupees. These categories include meat, fish, eggs, pulses, vegetables, fruits, medicines, fertilizers, livestock, textiles, sports goods, surgical equipments, leather and many more. Indeed this is the real democracy which sacrifices the masses for the sake of a few elite, as is the practice in democracies of the East and the West. The people ask from the government, why do they not collect Kharaaj and Usher on over one crore acres of land? Why do they not collect Zakat from the rich of the society? After all why the Sandick and RikoDiq gold and copper mines, Thar coal reserves and oil and gas of Balochistan have been handed over to the foreign companies at throw away prices? And why can’t the revenues of these sources spent on the welfare of the masses? After all what is the reason that the government does not stops Rs. 400 billion of seepage in corruption in just 4-5 corporations but is eager to impose a new tax on the masses?

Islam considers all indirect taxes including GST and VAT as haraam. In this type of tax, both the rich and the poor are taxed equally which is completely unfair. In Islam all the taxes are imposed only on the rich people like Kharaaj, Usher, Rikaz etc. In the Islamic revenue system, a huge sum is collected through Zakat and protecting a portion of public properties like Oil, Gas, Coal and Minerals etc for the state expenditure which, in the current capitalist system, is being pocketed by the foreign multinational companies by gaining ownership over this public assets. Besides these sources of revenues, the state cannot impose any tax on the common man. The prophet (ﷺ) warned the collector of any such tax with hell fire. The prophet (ﷺ) said;

لا یدخل الجنۃ صاحب المکس

“The one who collect tax will not enter into paradise”[Ahmed, Abu Dawood, Al-Hakim]

And said;

وان صاحب المکس فی النار

“The one who collect tax is in hell fire”[Ahmed]

On the one hand, government is not willing to reduce its royal expenditure whilst on the other hand it is even snatching the hard earned piece of bread of a common man. Hizb ut-Tahrir calls upon the trader’s community and the industrialists to stand up against this oppressive tax and do not let the government build its palaces from the ration of the poor. Only the Khilafah can liberate the Ummah from the cobwebs of these indirect taxes with its ideal economic system and provide the people of Pakistan much needed economic relief and prosperity who are currently suffering from severe economic crunch.


Posted by Mr Thx Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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