to all CG members....

this !@#$%^& guy has been scammed me for $50 in my 2nd transaction...please beware of this guy!!!

YM id :
maybank acc: 101030074471 (KOH PHEI FANG)

here is the proof:

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aden_4700: bro
chonyinchen: yes?
chonyinchen: deal ?
aden_4700: yes
aden_4700: deal for 3.40
chonyinchen: $50 x 3.4 = rm170
aden_4700: ur acc no.
chonyinchen: ok
chonyinchen: wait
chonyinchen: bro
aden_4700: yes
chonyinchen: wait ya
chonyinchen: 101030074471 koh phei fang
chonyinchen: same account
chonyinchen: after that copy and paste the last page or bankbank to here
chonyinchen: ok?
chonyinchen: understand?
aden_4700: ok
aden_4700: 1minute left
chonyinchen: ok
chonyinchen: so ?
chonyinchen: 1 mins left?
chonyinchen: what mean?
aden_4700: transferring.....
chonyinchen: i c
aden_4700: New 3rd Party Account Transfer - Step 3 of 3

Confirmation status
Amount: RM170.00 Status: Successful
Reference number: 1350617049
Transaction date: 14 Nov 2009
Transaction time: 23:39:35
From Account 162106745635 WSA
New balance: xxxxxx
To 3rd Party Account Number: 101030074471
Account Holder Name: KOH PHEI FANG
Effective date: Today
Description of transaction: buying 50$ for LR funds........
chonyinchen: wait
chonyinchen has signed out. (11/14/2009 11:44 PM)

Last message received on 11/14 at 11:41 PM
aden_4700: there?
aden_4700: bro?waitin my payment..........
aden_4700: still waitin...

source HERE

Posted by Mr Thx Tuesday, November 17, 2009


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